Presents an American-made
1849 Revolver
The pocket pistol was first produced in 1849. Over the next 20 years it became the most manufactured firearm in the US with over 335,000 pistols sold. The Wells Fargo model was used by the stagecoach drivers for Wells Fargo & Company. The Police Special was small enough to fit in a pocket and was favored by the Pinkerton Agency detectives. American Classic Arms manufactures a faithful and true reproduction of the pocket pistol sold from 1849 to 1880.

These pistols are currently available in .22 rimfire with brass frames, blued barrels and walnut grips. The Wells Fargo features a 4 octagon barrel and the Police Special has a 3 round barrel. Nickel plating is also available.

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Survival Kit
Today's world is an uncertain place. Civil unrest exists in nearly every Middle Eastern country and in most of the African and South American countries. Also, undesirable elements in Mexico make the certainty of a peaceful future slim at best. Many Americans are concerned with prepping for survival and contemplating the contents of "bug-out" bags should the need arise to face the unspeakable aftermath of natural or manmade disasters.

Here at American Classic Arms we understand the need for the perfect everyday weapon for the most inexperienced shooter, but also one capable of fulfilling the needs of the survivalist or recreational shooter. Lightweight, with breakdown capabilities, requiring no tools, this weapon is vitually indestructible in 22 LR. It is feasible to carry this rifle, with a variety of .22 rounds, and survival gear in a small backpack. Store it under the seat of a car, on a bicycle or motorcycle, and easily go from unarmed to armed in a flash. It's perfect for a weekend camping trip.

The Survial Kit includes the breakdown rifle in 22LR, a knife with fishing hooks, matches and compass and the sturdy carrying case with handle and storage pockets. Priced at $329.00 this is a very affordable and necessary component of your "bug-out" bag.

FFL is required.

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